About me

Hi. My name is Ryan Fitts. I'm married, a father of two, a graphic designer, and a former Soldier with 20 years of service.

My interest in photography really began on my 12th birthday (so, end of 1987 or so). My parents bought me a Canon Snappy-S. It was a 35mm point-and-shoot, and I used it in various parts of the world until I got my first digital camera in 2002. That little Canon went everywhere with me, including Germany and two Bosnia deployments. 

Despite my interest in photography, and having something of an eye for it, my formal training has been a relatively recent development. Knowledge has supercharged my desire to form great images, and now my latest Canon, a 7D, is a constant companion.

I started with nature and sports photography, but have been branching out into other subjects, namely portraiture and weddings. My portfolio will of course diversify alongside my choice in subjects.